Common Types of Commercial Truck Accidents

Common Types of Commercial Truck Accidents

Common Types of Commercial Truck Accidents

There are almost 269 million commercial vehicles registered in the United States and, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), about 541,000 traffic crashes involved one or more commercial vehicles in a single year. These large semi-trucks can crash in many ways, and the following are only some of the common types of truck crashes.


Semi-trucks are extremely tall vehicles with a relatively narrow wheelbase, which means they are highly prone to rolling over on their sides. Trucks can roll over for many reasons, including:

  • Hitting a curb
  • Overcorrecting
  • Taking a turn too fast
  • High winds


Tractor-trailers are articulated vehicles, which means the cab of the truck is connected to the trailer by a coupling device. This device allows the truck to turn while keeping the trailer steady when driving straight. However, the coupling device can fail and the trailer can swing out perpendicular to the truck and traffic lanes, folding like a pocket knife. This causes the driver to lose control and it can cause a crash with multiple vehicles.

Underrides and Overrides

When two smaller vehicles are involved in a rear-end collision, it is often called a “fender-bender” because the damage is often relatively minor. However, when a large semi-truck is involved in a rear-end crash, it can be highly dangerous or deadly, whether the truck is the front or rear vehicle. The following crashes can occur:

  • Underride – When a small car hits the back of a truck, it can get wedged underneath the truck due to its high clearance.
  • Override – When a truck hits the back of a small car, it can drive onto the back of the car.

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