Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Before It’s Too Late

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Before It’s Too Late

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Before It’s Too Late

Have you suffered from a personal injury and aren’t sure what steps to take next? Reaching out to a lawyer and getting legal assistance from a professional who fully understands your situation is critical. It would help if you didn’t wait too long for this decision because every moment you wait can complicate your situation and make your chances of winning your case slimmer and more challenging.

Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Is Important

A personal injury lawyer is critical for personal injury lawsuits and should be contacted immediately. They will help prepare your case by collecting information, working with witnesses, and properly handling your paperwork. This way, you can complete your case quickly and efficiently and get the compensation you want and deserve for severe or devastating injuries.

Know Your Statute of Limitations

Statutes of limitations dictate how long since your injury you can pursue a case, typically ranging from one to six years, depending on your state. Getting legal assistance right away is important to ensure you properly prepare your case. Just as importantly, some courts may frown on waiting too long to pursue a lawsuit or wonder why you delayed getting compensation and suddenly started a case.

You Can Potentially Get a Settlement

After an injury, you might want to let the situation go because you don’t feel up to a trial. However, working with a personal injury lawyer can help you get compensation because you’re more likely to get a settlement than go to trial. According to Forbes, just four to five percent of all personal injury lawsuits get to a trial, with a vast majority ending in a settlement for the injured party.

A Trial May Win You Good Money

While only a few cases go to trial yearly for personal injury, pursuing one can be worth your time. For example, according to, averages ranged between $3,000 to $75,000 for personal injury payouts, with an overall average of about $52,900 per case. The amount you win in a trial could be more than in a settlement, and working with a lawyer increases your chances of winning.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury and believe you deserve compensation, don’t hesitate to get legal assistance immediately. Working with a high-quality personal injury lawyer can help you get the money you deserve for your injuries and trauma. It can also minimize your suffering and ensure that you’re properly compensated for the wrongful actions of others. Give Jalilvand Law a call today so we can get started reviewing your case.