Crush Injuries and Possible Complications

Crush Injuries and Possible Complications

Crush Injuries and Possible Complications

Severe crush injuries do not just impact the limb. This can even be a life-threatening injury and can have far-reaching ramifications. This could result in a larger settlement check when someone else is to blame for the accident.

How Crush Injuries Happen

Usually, crush injuries happen when a part of the body is caught between two heavy objects. This often results from vehicular crashes or work accidents. The body could be caught under the car before the victim is freed.

Crush injuries happen when there is an extreme external force on the limbs or torso. This results in severe compression, which impacts the internal tissue. The problem is that the impact does not recede when the force goes away. Instead, it could result in necrosis and permanent damage to the tissue. Many crush injuries result in amputation because the limb is damaged beyond repair.

Crush Injuries Can Be Life-Threatening

The consequences of crush injuries could be far worse. The accident victim could develop crush syndrome. This is not always apparent at first but could develop in the days after an accident. This is why it is crucial to get fully checked out after an accident.

Crush syndrome primarily affects the kidneys. Doctors don’t know why crush syndrome impacts the kidneys, but the damage could cause death. Even if the victim survives, the harm to the kidneys could be permanent, causing a need for dialysis and shortening their life. There is no known cure for crush syndrome since kidney damage usually cannot be reversed. Nonetheless, patients should seek aggressive medical treatment after a crush injury.

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