Disabilities and Disfigurement from Severe Burn Injuries

Disabilities and Disfigurement from Severe Burn Injuries

Disabilities and Disfigurement from Severe Burn Injuries

Not only are burn injuries intensely painful, but they leave victims with lifetime injuries. This means that the pain and suffering from burn injuries could be considerable. Here are some long-term effects of burn injuries.

Burn injuries stem from trauma from which skin will often not recover. They can lead to permanent disfigurement and other conditions. In the short term, burns cause a severe inflammatory response as the body seeks to recover. This can damage other things in the body. In some cases, this can cause organ failure, infection, and death.

Burn Victims May Have Their Lives Permanently Impacted

Burn victims will likely need years of surgeries and skin grafts to even partially recover. In the meantime, they will suffer intense pain. Their skin will be visibly scarred and disfigured, which can harm their quality of life.

Victims will suffer other long-term effects from burn injuries. Studies show increased morbidity within ten years of the initial burn injuries. In addition, victims will suffer cardiovascular events at a greater rate than the general population. Finally, their risk of diabetes mellitus is also increased.

Accident victims can receive financial compensation for serious burn injuries. They can be paid for things such as:

  • Their physical pain
  • The embarrassment they feel from their appearance
  • A reduction in earnings capacity that the burns have caused
  • The cost of all treatment and skin grafts

It is essential that you have an attorney who knows how to value your claim. You only have one opportunity to receive compensation for your injuries, so you need to get it right.

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