Do You Have Recalled Products in Your Home?

Do You Have Recalled Products in Your Home?

Do You Have Recalled Products in Your Home?

We all purchase numerous products for our households on a regular – and sometimes daily – basis. Whether it is food, cleaning supplies, replacement appliances, new electronics, or toys for your child, we rely on products for our daily life at home. Unfortunately, manufacturers regularly sell defective or unreasonably dangerous household products, and unsuspecting consumers can be seriously injured.

If you have already sustained injuries due to a defective product, you should speak with a products liability lawyer in Beverly Hills right away. In the meantime, it can help to know whether you have any recalled products in your home.

Product Recalls

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports all recalls due to potentially harmful defects in household products. Some recently recalled products include the following:

  • Desk chairs from Pier 1 with legs that can break, causing people to fall and sustain injuries.
  • Inclined infant sleepers from several different brands due to the risk a baby can flip over and suffocate. If you have an inclined sleeper, check the CPSC recall website for your particular brand.
  • Lounge pants for children from K-Apparel that fail anti-flammability standards and present a burn hazard.
  • Utility vehicles (UTVs) from Polaris and Bobcat with brakes that might fail and result in a crash.

These are only a few examples of recently recalled products. If you have such a product in your home, you should stop using it immediately and follow the recall instructions.

Contact a Products Liability Lawyer in Beverly Hills

Some people suffer injuries due to products before a recall is ever issued, or before they learn of the recall. At Jalilvand Law, we work to hold negligent manufacturing companies liable for the injuries and losses they cause from selling dangerous products. Call 310.478.5800 or contact us online for a free case evaluation today.