Drivers Don’t Always Share the Road With Cyclists

Drivers Don’t Always Share the Road With Cyclists

Drivers Don’t Always Share the Road With Cyclists

It is undeniable that sharing the road between automobiles and bicycles can be a problematic task, particularly because of the nature of the vehicles. Bicycles are very different vehicles than cars and trucks. Since they aren’t motorized and require manual work to operate, they aren’t capable of moving as quickly. Furthermore, they are small and more difficult to see. 

Motor vehicle users don’t always ensure they are properly sharing the road with their cycling counterparts. To help prevent hitting bicycles while driving a vehicle, drivers should be sure to be:

  • Indicate when passing a cyclist of your intent to pass.
  • Check your blind spots carefully when changing lanes, opening your door, when preparing to turn, or when traversing an intersection.
  • Travel at a safe following distance from any bicycle.
  • Be especially careful at night, dawn, or dusk looking out for bicyclists.
  • If you need to turn left and are stuck behind a cyclist, resist the urge to pass them and instead turn behind them.

One key to sharing the road with cyclists is to be aware of how the right-of-way rules work.  Bicyclists operate vehicles, so they have the same rights and rules as passenger vehicles. Thus, at a four-way stop, if a biker stops before you stop, the biker will have the right-of-way to cross first, just like another car would.  Knowing this can help prevent dangerous accidents caused by confusion over whose turn it is to go and who has the right-of-way.

Speak With a Beverly Hills Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured on a bicycle due to a driver of a car not sharing the road properly and causing an accident, you have a legal right to compensation for your injuries from that driver. At Jalilvand Law, we strive to represent victims of bicycle accidents to the best of our ability so that they can receive the full compensation they deserve for their injuries.  Contact a Beverly Hills bicycle accident attorney today either online or by calling 310.478.5800 today.