Drones Can Help with Car Accident Evidence

Drones Can Help with Car Accident Evidence

Drones Can Help with Car Accident Evidence

In recent years, you might notice more and more small, buzzing flying objects around Beverly Hills. These drones can help with real estate, deliveries, agriculture, and more. Did you know that drones might also help collect important car accident evidence?

Following a car accident, it is important to gather as much evidence as possible. This information can determine how the collision happened, whether one or more drivers violated the law, and who was liable for the crash, among other things. However, it takes time for law enforcement to examine and record every inch of an accident scene, and this often causes disruptions in traffic. Such disruptions commonly lead to further accidents, which might be avoided had the evidence collecting happened quicker.

When a drone is used at an accident scene, it has the ability to fly into small areas that might be risky for the authorities. Drones can take bursts of photos or video that help authorities know how to safely clear the accident scene, as well as provide recorded images of the scene. Drone footage can show:

  • The position of vehicles
  • Tire or skid marks
  • Road conditions
  • The general logistics of the crash

Police can use this footage to decide whether someone should be cited or arrested for the accident. If you are an injured accident victim, your skilled attorney can use it to build a case and demonstrate why someone else should be held liable for your accident and injuries.

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