Watch Out for Drunk Drivers Over the Holidays

Watch Out for Drunk Drivers Over the Holidays

Watch Out for Drunk Drivers Over the Holidays

After Halloween, the holiday season gets into full swing. This means gatherings with friends and family, office parties, and other celebrations through the end of the year. During this time, the number of drunk drivers increases on the road, which increases the chances that your holidays will be ruined by a drunk driving crash and injuries. Statistics show that the risks of drunk driving fatalities increase by 129 percent on New Year’s Day, and this is only one of many upcoming holidays that brings with it drunk driving.

No matter how safe you are, you cannot always avoid driving alongside drunk drivers. What you can do is watch out for signs that a driver might be intoxicated, including:

  • Vehicles veering out of their intended lane
  • Swerving or jerking of a vehicle due to overcorrecting
  • Driving too fast or too slow
  • Driving the wrong way on a road or highway

Often, people cannot avoid a drunk driving crash, and they then have to suffer the aftermath during the holiday season. This can often involve:

  • Undergoing extensive medical treatment
  • Being out of work at an already stressful time for finances
  • Not being able to enjoy any holiday activities
  • Adjusting to life with long-term effects of serious injuries

An unexpected injury can turn your family’s life upside down – just when you should be enjoying your time together. People who violate the law and drive while impaired should be completely responsible for all the financial and intangible losses that you and your family experience.

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