Fractures from Car Accidents

Fractures from Car Accidents

Fractures from Car Accidents

Car crashes can cause trauma to many parts of your body. One common injury from car accidents is a fractured bone – often called a broken bone. When we are young, fractures are common and might even seem like a rite of passage for some. However, fractures from car accidents can be serious injuries that might even have lasting effects on victims’ lives.

Fracture Complications

Even a straightforward fracture can require professional diagnosis and treatment, and it likely will prevent you from using that part of your body for several weeks. Fractures can also be much more serious, as complications can arise.

For example, compound fractures – also called open fractures – happen when a piece of your bone pierces through the skin. This leaves an open wound that is highly susceptible to life-threatening infections. Car accident victims with compound fractures usually need emergency surgery to clean the wound properly, set the bone, and close up the wound. During the surgery, doctors might need to insert rods, pins, or other hardware for the bone to heal properly.

Other types of complex fractures include:

  • Compression fractures
  • Greenstick fractures
  • Spiral fractures
  • Oblique fractures

All of these fractures need imaging tests, medical equipment, possible surgery, follow-up appointments, and much more. Fractures can also keep you from working, which can cause you to lose income. Some fractures might not heal correctly, leaving you with permanent pain and impairments.

Discuss Your Rights with a Car Accident Lawyer in Beverly Hills

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