How a Brain Injury Can Affect Your Career

How a Brain Injury Can Affect Your Career

How a Brain Injury Can Affect Your Career

One of the common elements of accident-related damage is lost wages. You can also be paid when an accident injury cuts your ability to earn money. One common injury that does this is a brain injury (TBI). Here is how a TBI could harm your career.


A TBI could impact your ability to concentrate. In any profession, you need to be able to think about what you are doing.  You may also not be able to think when you are subject to stress because your brain injury overloads you. Your ability to think could suffer depending on where your brain was damaged.


TBIs also cause people to become irritable. Oftentimes, they cannot process emotions in the same way as others. In a work setting, it could mean that you cannot maintain the interpersonal relationships that you need to succeed on the job.

Motion and Strength

Many people with TBIs report reduced ability to move on one or both sides of their body. If your job is physical, you may not have the strength that you need to perform your duties. Even in an office setting, you would need the use of both hands to type and function.

Loss of Memory

Your career could be hurt by the fact that you do not have the working memory to perform your day-to-day job. Practically every job function is a learned skill that requires memory. If you struggle to remember, it could cut your productivity or keep you from being able to do the job in the first place.

Seek Help from Experienced Beverly Hills Brain Injury Attorneys

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