How a Wrongful Death Can Impact Your Family

How a Wrongful Death Can Impact Your Family

How a Wrongful Death Can Impact Your Family

Wrongful death refers to an accident that kills an innocent victim due to another person’s negligence. These deaths are prevalent in the U.S., with 130,557 accidental deaths occurring in one year alone. These figures translate to 41.3 deaths per 100,000 persons in the country.

Many of these deaths leave families that are devastated and experiencing various forms of loss. Below, we discuss how these deaths affect families and the losses they incur. If you have been affected by a tragic loss, don’t hesitate to hire a Beverly Hills wrongful death attorney to help you fight for compensation.

Emotional Loss

Most deaths cause emotional loss and pain to families. It can be even worse when the loved one’s death was preventable had someone acted responsibly. They can lose the support, companionship, love, and other benefits of the relationship with a spouse, child, or parent.

Financial Loss

Wrongful deaths are costly. Grieving families might incur medical bills to treat their loved one’s injuries prior to passing away. They can also incur financially draining funeral and burial expenses.

Additionally, wrongful deaths affect families financially because they cause lost income, especially if the departed one was a primary family provider. Such cases place surviving families in difficult financial conditions with a long-term impact as they struggle to meet their daily expenses.

Wrongful deaths also change families’ economic dynamics. For instance, a widow might be forced to seek employment if her husband was the sole breadwinner. A family might also lose significant household services of the deceased, including childcare, cleaning, cooking, lawn care, and more, and making up for such losses can be challenging.

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