How Tailgating and Brake Checking Lead to Crashes

How Tailgating and Brake Checking Lead to Crashes

How Tailgating and Brake Checking Lead to Crashes

Tailgating is a common behavior on the road that is considered to be a form of aggressive driving. When a driver thinks that you are driving too slowly or they want you to move over so they can pass you, they might start following you very closely, which can be stressful.   This practice can result in accidents and injuries to many motorists.


First, tailgating can be distracting for the front driver, especially if they do not have a chance to move out of the lane right away. The front driver will naturally be focusing on the menacing driver behind them instead of the road ahead, which can lead to mistakes.

Further, following too closely does not give the rear driver enough room to slow down or stop if the flow of traffic suddenly changes and the front driver has to hit the brakes. This often leads to a rear-end collision, which might happen at highway speeds.

Brake Checking

In some cases, the front driver might be tempted to tap their brakes when someone is tailgating them, which is often called brake checking. A driver might brake check to try to scare the tailgating driver into backing off. However, this practice can often cause the tailgating driver to crash into the car that brake checked.

When this happens, both drivers engaged in dangerous conduct, and they might share responsibility for the crash. Always discuss this matter with an experienced Beverly Hills car accident attorney who can determine your rights and options.

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