How Truck Crash Investigations Work

How Truck Crash Investigations Work

How Truck Crash Investigations Work

When you are seeking compensation for your truck accident, you must prove your claims with evidence. Otherwise, it could be your word against the truck driver’s. In many cases, the victim is so badly hurt that they cannot even speak for themselves.

Preserving Evidence

The most important step is collecting and preserving evidence for the investigation. Trucking companies may not keep evidence, especially if they know that it could prove them liable. An attorney could act immediately to send a letter directing the trucking company to keep evidence. This also includes gathering photos and evidence of the truck accident scene. One of the most important pieces of evidence is the truck’s black box. You must move fast because trucking companies must only keep it for a certain period of time.

Discover Safety Violations

Truck accidents also involve safety violations. Some of these can be found in the trucking company’s records, such as driving records and maintenance laws. Here, if your attorney could prove a safety violation, it could be evidence of negligence. At some point in the investigation, your attorney should get these records.

Interview Witnesses

Witnesses can provide an objective account of what they saw. Their testimony could prove that the truck driver was negligent. Any investigation would locate and contact witnesses who saw the crash to get their recollection. However, this must be done quickly before the witnesses disappear and their recollections fade.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you need to act quickly to have your truck accident investigated. You may lose key evidence if you wait, either because it spoils or the trucking company simply gets rid of it.

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