Watch Out for These Shady Insurance Company Tactics

Watch Out for These Shady Insurance Company Tactics

Watch Out for These Shady Insurance Company Tactics

If another driver’s negligence causes you to be injured in a car accident, you’ll rely upon the at-fault driver’s insurance provider to cover your physical, financial, and emotional losses, which is what it is paid to do. Some insurance companies, however, are not above stooping to shady practices in order to keep settlements low and profits high. If you’re facing down another driver’s insurance company, do yourself a favor and reach out to an experienced Beverly Hills car accident attorney today.

Insurance Company Common Tactics

It’s important to recognize that there are state laws that specifically protect claimants like you from some of the most common tactics employed by insurance companies. Consider the following:

  • Some insurance companies deny claims early on – banking on claimants giving up under the sheer weight of the situation.
  • Some insurance companies make settlement offers that do not come close to covering claimants’ complete losses, but that speak to their desperation.
  • Some insurance companies prolong and complicate the claims process to the extent that claimants simply drop the matter.
  • Some insurance companies direct blame away from their policyholders and toward claimants, making the path forward more arduous.
  • Some insurance companies deny the extent of claimants’ losses, which puts the focus on proving the depth of such losses on claimants.

Leaving the communications and negotiations with the insurance company in the capable hands of your car accident attorney is the surest path forward. 

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