Joint Injuries from Car Accidents

Joint Injuries from Car Accidents

Joint Injuries from Car Accidents

When you think of car accident injuries, you might think of concussions, spinal injuries, and similar conditions. However, one type of injury that is particularly common is damage to your joints. Joints can suffer dislocations, soft tissue damage, and other painful injuries that can require ongoing medical attention and keep you from working.

Common Joint Injuries

Some people see a car accident about to happen and brace themselves against the steering wheel or glove box for passengers. When the collision occurs, it can injure your wrists, elbows, or shoulders. Further, a car accident can jolt, twist, or stretch your lower body in unnatural ways, causing damage to your hips or knees.

Some dislocations pop right back into place, but the tendons or ligaments might still have damage that requires treatment. Other dislocations or soft tissue injuries require physical therapy or even surgery to repair.

Effects of Joint Injuries

We rely on our joints every day for basic tasks. If you suffer a joint injury, it can keep you from working, engaging in your usual sports or exercise program, or even completing regular household tasks. You might have a recovery period following surgery, or you might need physical therapy to strengthen your joint before you can return to your usual activities and employment.

Joint injuries can result in:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If someone else caused your joint injury, they should also be responsible for covering all of your injury-related losses. A Beverly Hills car accident attorney can assess the best way for you to obtain compensation for your losses.

A Beverly Hills Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

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