Lane Change Accidents Are as Common as They Are Dangerous

Lane Change Accidents Are as Common as They Are Dangerous

Lane Change Accidents Are as Common as They Are Dangerous

Car accidents that are caused by unsafe lane changes are far more common than you may realize, and they are also exceptionally dangerous. You’re always at greater risk when you leave your lane of traffic, which makes focusing on safety every time you change lanes critical. If a driver’s negligence during a lane change – or any other time – leaves you injured, reaching out for the legal guidance of an experienced Beverly Hills car accident attorney is well advised.

The Statistics

A 2020 article published by ScienceDirect shares the following important statistics regarding lane change accidents:

  • The primary cause of sudden – or otherwise unsafe – lane changes is driver distraction (and smartphone usage is the primary distraction identified).
  • Motorists who engage in sudden lane changes are 2.53 times more likely to be involved in traffic accidents.
  • Motorists who first check their side mirrors and who look out their windows before changing lanes are far less likely to be involved in lane change accidents.
  • From 2010 to 2017, sudden lane changes outranked even speeding for most dangerous driving practice (cited in 17.0 percent of all serious crashes as compared to speeding’s 12.8 percent).

Dangerous lane changes are a safety concern that doesn’t receive the attention that distracted driving, impairment, and other forms of driver negligence does, but it remains a considerable risk factor on our roadways.

Look to an Experienced Beverly Hills Car Accident Attorney for Professional Legal Guidance

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