Lane Change Accidents Are Common and Often Challenging

Lane Change Accidents Are Common and Often Challenging

Lane Change Accidents Are Common and Often Challenging

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted an in-depth study of lane change accidents and made important determinations in the process. Lane change accidents are not only exceptionally dangerous but are also far too common. If you’ve been injured by another driver’s negligence in a lane change accident, an experienced Beverly Hills car accident lawyer is standing by to help.

Categories of Lane Change Crashes

Lane change accidents fall into two broad categories that include:

  • Proximity crashes in which the two cars are driving next to or near one another
  • Fast approach crashes in which one speeding vehicle overtakes another

The vast majority of lane change accidents (90 percent) fall into the category of proximity crashes.

Changing Lanes in Proximity Crashes

Proximity crashes are generally caused when a vehicle attempts to change lanes and hits another car in the process. The bottom line is that motorists are responsible for taking all necessary precautions when changing lanes and for waiting until the conditions are right to do so safely. In other words, leaving one’s lane without first checking to ensure that it is safe to do so makes lane change accidents far more likely, and the driver who changes lanes is generally liable.

Fast Approach Crashes

Fast approach lane change crashes can be more complicated to evaluate correctly. The speeding driver creates their own risk factor that ensures they have less time to react safely to whatever lies ahead, which is every motorist’s responsibility. Fast approach lane change accidents can be the result of the speeding driver clipping or cutting off the other driver or of the other driver changing lanes while the speeding driver flies onto the scene – seemingly out of nowhere.  

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