Minor Car Accidents and Major Injuries

Minor Car Accidents and Major Injuries

Minor Car Accidents and Major Injuries

The immense impact created by even relatively minor car accidents helps to ensure that they are capable of causing very serious injuries. Other than light taps when both cars are barely moving, car accidents can rarely be classified as minor accidents, and the injuries that are commonly associated with car accidents back this claim up. If you have been injured by another driver’s negligence, seek the legal guidance you need from an experienced Beverly Hills car accident attorney today.

Your Injuries

Car accidents tend to send the occupants of the vehicles involved careening about inside the bodies of their cars. While your torso may be anchored to the seat, your head, neck, shoulders, limbs, and extremities can be bashed around, and the whipping motion caused by coming to an abrupt stop in the midst of this chaos exacerbates the associated danger. The kinds of very serious injuries that are common to minor car accidents include:

  • Soft tissue injuries such as whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts, contusions, burns, and abrasions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal injuries, including internal bleeding
  • Hand, ankle, and foot injuries

Any one of these injuries can lead to lasting health concerns and the need for ongoing medical attention.

An Experienced Beverly Hills Car Accident Attorney Is Standing By to Help

At Jalilvand Law in Beverly Hills, our prominent car accident attorneys understand the gravity of your situation and are well-prepared to help. Our dynamic legal team makes every claim we take on our top priority, and we’re here for you too. Your claim is important, so please don’t wait to reach out and contact or call us at 310.478.5800 for more information about what we can do to help you today.