Mistakes by Bus Companies that Lead to Accidents

Mistakes by Bus Companies that Lead to Accidents

Mistakes by Bus Companies that Lead to Accidents

While bus accidents are not common, many lead to severe injuries when they do occur. There are news reports of mass casualty bus accidents, especially when the vehicle overturns. Oftentimes, the bus company is to blame for the accident through their negligence. Here are some mistakes that bus companies make that injure passengers.

Negligent Hiring

The bus driver has the lives of the passengers in their hands. You would think that bus companies would be extremely careful about whom they choose to drive. Oftentimes, the bus company will put inexperienced or poorly trained drivers on the road. The company may not even closely check the operator’s driving record or criminal history before giving them the keys.

Negligent Driving

Bus drivers may be under pressure for an on-time arrival. The bus company does not like negative reviews or angry passengers from late busses. The bus driver may speed to make it to the destination on time. When driving a large vehicle with such a heavy weight, more time is needed to brake. In addition, speeding could cause the driver to lose control of the bus. There are often instances in which bus drivers are traveling too fast for the conditions and crash.

Maintenance Failures

Bus companies want their vehicles on the road. Otherwise, they may have to cancel trips, and they lose money. The company could pressure maintenance people to clear the buses to travel or cut other corners in the process. This is if the bus company even spends money on maintenance at all. Even if the driver does nothing wrong, the bus company is responsible for negligent maintenance.

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