The Risk When You Ride

The Risk When You Ride

The Risk When You Ride

When you’re on your motorcycle, you’re far more susceptible to the dangers of the road for a wide range of reasons, but one of the most startling is the negligence of other drivers. If another driver leaves you injured in a bike accident, an experienced Beverly Hills motorcycle accident attorney can help.

The Statistics   

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that, when you ride, you are not only less stable on the road than other vehicles are – due to the fact that you travel on only two wheels – but are also more difficult to see and lack the protective enclosure of a car in the event of an accident. Other motorists on the road, however, are responsible for driving in a manner that safely accommodates everyone in their midst, including motorcyclists.

Consider the following motorcycle accident statistics shared by IIHS:

  • The number of fatalities per mile traveled in a recent year is estimated to be 29 times higher for motorcycles than it is for cars.
  • In 2020, 5,579 motorcyclists died in traffic accidents, which is 11 percent higher than the number for 2019 and accounts for 14 percent of all traffic deaths that year.
  • Motorcyclists in 2020 were more than twice as likely to be killed in traffic accidents than they were in 1997.

An Experienced Beverly Hills Car Accident Attorney Has the Legal Skill to Help

The determined Beverly Hills car accident attorneys at Jalilvand Law will leave no legal stone unturned in their focused pursuit of your claim’s best possible resolution, including just compensation that covers your full range of losses. You and your claim are important, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 310.478.5800 for more information today.