Motorcycle Crashes Can be Deadly

Motorcycle Crashes Can be Deadly

Motorcycle Crashes Can be Deadly

Motorcycle crashes killed 5,014 motorcyclists in 2019, only a slight decrease from 5,038 the previous year. Additionally, motorcyclists were approximately 29 times more likely than car passengers to die in an accident per vehicle mile covered. Below we discuss some reasons why these fatalities happen to motorcyclists, and why you call a Beverly Hills wrongful death attorney who can help you and your family.

Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

The following factors cause motorcycle crashes and deaths, among others:

Vehicles Making Left-Hand Turns – Vehicles making left-hand turns threaten motorcyclists who might be in the path of the turning car. These collisions cause a significant number of crashes between motorcycles and cars.

Head-On Collisions – Head-on collisions involving motorcycles and other vehicles constitute about half of all motorcyclist deaths, especially since motorcyclists might fly over the top of the car.

Speeding and Alcohol Use – Driving while drunk and speeding is another dangerous combination that causes drivers to crash into motorcyclists.

Lane-Switching Motorcycle Accidents – This accident scenario occurs when vehicles start merging over into motorcyclists’ lanes and crash into them or run them off the road. Mostly, it happens due to inattentive vehicle drivers or those who can’t see bikers properly.

Tips for Preventing Motorcycle Crash Deaths

Fortunately, motorbike crash deaths are preventable. Here are tips to prevent them.

  • Use helmets – NHTSA estimates that helmets are 37% effective in preventing deadly injuries to motorcycle riders and 41% for motorcycle passengers.
  • Don’t speed – Speed kills, so always drive slowly and arrive alive.
  • Follow traffic laws – Obey all traffic laws because they’re there to protect you.
  • Don’t drink and ride – Drunk riding is a major contributor to motorcyclist fatalities, so always stay sober on your bike.

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