Possible Corporate Liability for Car Accidents

Possible Corporate Liability for Car Accidents

Possible Corporate Liability for Car Accidents

When you think of a car accident case, you might first think of an injured accident victim filing an insurance claim against another driver who caused the crash. While most car accidents are the fault of negligent drivers, not all cases involve a claim against a single individual and their insurer. Instead, in some cases, a corporation or another type of business might be liable for your injuries and losses stemming from a crash.


Many people drive for a living, and there is the risk they might make a mistake and cause an accident while on the job. If someone is negligent while working, the law holds their employer strictly liable for any harm that resulted. For example, if a truck driver hit you while making a delivery, you might file claims against both the individual and the employing company.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Some vehicles are sold with defective parts, and a malfunction might cause a driver to lose control and crash. These large corporations should take every step possible to ensure that every vehicle produced and sold is safe for consumer use. When they fail to do so, and you suffer injuries, the manufacturer should be held fully accountable.

Construction Companies

Road construction is often performed by private construction companies, and these companies must always take measures to maintain safety for passing motorists. When construction companies are negligent, drivers can crash and sustain severe injuries.

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