Possible Wrongful Death Claims from COVID-19

Possible Wrongful Death Claims from COVID-19

Possible Wrongful Death Claims from COVID-19

The extent of legal claims that might result from the COVID-19 pandemic and crisis is unknown, though many people might have a right to take legal action for various reasons. If you lost a close family member who contracted the novel coronavirus, and you believe another party was to blame, you might have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

It is true that not every death stemming from COVID-19 will be legally actionable. However, some people contracted the virus due to the negligence of others, or they did not receive the testing or treatment they needed to survive the virus. Some examples of wrongful death claims that have been filed already are as follows:

Against a nursing home – Nursing homes have been particularly high-risk facilities for COVID-19 exposure. In many cases, facilities have been fined because they failed to properly take safety measures to protect residents and staff, failed to test individuals with possible symptoms, and/or failed to provide necessary treatment. There have already been several wrongful death claims filed against nursing homes across the U.S.

Against an employer – It can be difficult to know where a loved one contracted COVID-19, and proving they were exposed at work can be challenging. Moreover, most deaths due to work-related exposure and illness would result in a workers’ compensation case – not wrongful death. There have been a few exceptions, however, in which families recently filed wrongful death claims stating employers knowingly allowed work conditions that were unreasonably unsafe, which are alleged to have caused one or more fatalities. So far, Walmart and some meat processing plants have faced these claims. 

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