Risks of Teen Drivers

Risks of Teen Drivers

Risks of Teen Drivers

While everyone needs to get their start behind the wheel, this does not lessen the risks that teen drivers pose to others. Here are some of the dangers that go along with teen drivers.


There are some things that experienced drivers just know that they have learned over time. This includes things like:

  • Driving a reasonable speed in the weather
  • Driving defensively at all times
  • Leaving a safe distance between cars

Newer drivers also lack some reaction and crash avoidance abilities of more experienced motorists. Sometimes, inexperience can cause an accident when a teen driver misreads the situation.


Teens are the stereotypical distracted driver. They have been raised on their mobile devices and may not even be able to put them down when driving. Besides being illegal, this is also highly dangerous. Even taking eyes off the road for a few seconds can mean that the car travels the length of a football field. Teen drivers have enough difficulty with both of their eyes on the road without looking at a mobile device.

Driving with Other Teens

When driving with other teens in the car, the motorist may not be paying enough attention. They could be talking and looking away from the road. It could slow their reaction times and mean that they are focusing on the conversation as opposed to driving.

Driving at Night

Most accidents with teens happen at night. Even experienced drivers struggle when they cannot see. Many teens are out at night because they are living their social life, but they do not have the instincts or the experience to drive without full light.

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