Construction Workers Can Cause Traffic Crashes

Construction Workers Can Cause Traffic Crashes

Construction Workers Can Cause Traffic Crashes

You might expect construction workers on or near the roads to be safe and maintain a proper distance for their own well-being, but this is not always the case. Construction workers on the roads can lead to multi-car accidents and other problems that can cause serious injury to those involved in the accident.

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Road Construction Accidents Happen

The roads in the state of California are meant to be made safer by the presence of safety measures and construction workers improving the road, but this is not always the case. One of the goals of the Division of Construction, a part of the California Department of Transportation, is to reduce accidents in construction zones. It is important to use effective safety indicators, flagging when necessary, and other precautions to reduce accidents.

When construction workers or their employers do not put effective safety measures in place or act responsibly and safely, and accidents are caused, they can be liable for the injuries and damages caused. The unique facts and circumstances surrounding the accident that caused your injuries will determine whether you are entitled to compensation for your damages.

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Your Beverly Hills car accident lawyer collects evidence on your behalf to determine the party or parties liable for the accident, including construction crews. Your attorney also helps to accurately calculate the long-term costs associated with your injuries so that you and your family are not left to pay the associated costs out of your pocket in the future.

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