Road Rage During Rush Hour Traffic in Beverly Hills

Road Rage During Rush Hour Traffic in Beverly Hills

Road Rage During Rush Hour Traffic in Beverly Hills

MD: Road rage is common on our roads and can cause avoidable accidents and injuries. Has this irresponsible behavior victimized you? Don’t forget to contact a Beverly Hills car accident attorney to help you get just compensation.

Aggressive driving, aka road rage, is driving behavior anger causes. It makes a driver drive dangerously, disregard other road users’ safety, rights, and courtesy. The term “road rage” gained its first use in a Los Angeles news station in 1987. A driver with this behavior shows these danger signs:

  • Tailgates other vehicles;
  • Yells at or curses other drivers;
  • Intentionally cuts off other drivers; 
  • Blocks other vehicles’ entry;
  • Speeds;
  • Weaves through traffic;
  • Honks furiously;
  • Makes obscene gestures to fellow drivers;
  • Deliberately hits other vehicles;
  • Gets out of their car to confront other drivers;
  • Physically assaults other drivers.

This post examines this unbecoming road behavior more profoundly. Keep reading to learn more.

What Distinguishes Road Rage Drivers?

A road rage driver has the following psychological traits that distinguish their behavior.

  • Short-tempered and turn violent.
  • They’re twice more likely to cause accidents.
  • They’re anxious and impulsive.
  • Their thinking is aggressive.
  • They take foolhardy risks than other drivers.

What to Do When Faced with a Road Rage Situation

Take the following measures to secure yourself when you contact them by:

  • Avoiding eye contact.
  • Not retaliating.
  • Remaining silent.
  • Slowing down and increasing the distance between you and the enraged driver.
  • Staying in your car and locking your doors.
  • Stopping before a police station if the enraged driver trails you.
  • Calling the police if they threaten you.

How to Avoid Road Rage During Rush Hour

Besides protecting yourself against an enraged driver, do the following to avoid becoming an enrage driver during traffic rush hours.

  • Create a Serene Atmosphere

Creating a relaxing environment reduces discomfort, significantly reducing your stress levels.

  • Share Your Car

Carry a trusted family member or friend during rush hours to keep you company and save you the temptation of road rage.

  • Drive Carefully

Drive carefully, and don’t allow other people’s reckless behavior to control your feelings.

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