Rollover Bus Crashes

Rollover Bus Crashes

Rollover Bus Crashes

The U.S. Department of Transportation approximates that 183 bus crashes happen daily, totaling over 67,000 crashes annually. Additionally, the NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) stats reveal that 5,096 buses and large trucks contributed to fatal accidents in 2019. Victims of bus crashes can suffer serious and life-threatening injuries, so knowing who might be liable is critical. Speak with a Beverly Hills bus accident attorney about your case today.

Causes of Rollover Bus Crashes

Different factors cause rollover bus accidents, and some primary causes include:

  • Collisions with Other Vehicles – Buses can roll over if they collide with other oncoming vehicles. A collision can throw the bus off balance and cause the bus to tip over.
  • Hitting Low Obstacles – Buses might roll over if they hit low objects with sufficient force that can cause flipping and rolling. This can include curbs or other obstacles in the road.
  • Speeding in curves – Speeding is still a leading cause here. A bus is most likely to overturn if it takes a sharp turn at high speed exceeding 55 mph. The sudden curve throws off the bus’s center of weight and makes it roll over.
  • Swerving – If a bus driver overcorrects or swerves to miss another obstacle, it can cause the bus to tip and roll.

How Rollover Bus Accidents Cause Injuries

Rollover bus accidents can hurt passengers in different ways. First, when a bus tips, passengers will go flying and often fall on top of one another. Some might hit windows, causing lacerations from broken glass. The bus might catch fire, which can cause anyone trapped inside to suffer serious burns. These are only some of the serious injuries that passengers can sustain in rollover accidents.

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