School Bus Crashes

School Bus Crashes

School Bus Crashes

Many children get to and from school by riding the bus during the school year. Buses are largely considered to be one of the safest methods of transportation, though accidents still happen. When a school bus crashes and has passengers aboard, serious injuries can result. School bus crashes can be highly dangerous for children for many different reasons, including the following.

Lack of Safety Features

First, many school bus riders might not wear seat belts – or they might not have access to seat belts. This means that when the bus crashes, there is nothing to restrain the passengers in their seats. Buses also do not have airbags or other important features that work to keep passengers safe in a crash.

Rollover Crashes

Buses are one type of vehicle that is highly prone to rollover crashes. Because buses have a narrow wheelbase and high center of gravity, they can easily tip over on its side in a number of circumstances, including:

  • Taking a turn too fast
  • Getting run off the road
  • Overcorrection by a driver
  • High winds

When a driver loses control of the bus, and it rolls over, the passengers can get thrown about – especially due to the lack of restraints. Passengers on one side can fall onto passengers on the other side, often increasing the risk of traumatic injuries to all involved.

Driver Errors

Like any other type of driver, school bus drivers can make mistakes or poor judgment calls on the road. When a driver makes an error, it can be quite difficult to regain control of the school bus to avoid crashing.

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