Signs of Intoxicated Drivers

Signs of Intoxicated Drivers

Signs of Intoxicated Drivers

Drunk driving is a factor in more than one-quarter of all traffic fatalities in the United States. While it is often difficult to avoid drunk drivers, here are some signs that a driver may be intoxicated.

Difference in Speed

Drunk drivers rarely travel near the speed limit since the motorist’s perception and senses are skewed by the alcohol. They are either traveling far in excess of the speed limit or well below it.

The Headlights Are Off

Turning on headlights is one of the basic things that you do when you start the car. Except it is not this way for someone who is intoxicated because they forget even this simple step. Most cars driving completely without lights at night have a drunk driver behind the wheel.


Doing anything in a straight line is a challenge for someone who is inebriated or otherwise intoxicated. The same goes for controlling the car. You can expect that the vehicle will either be swerving or weaving as the driver struggles with the effects of alcohol.


Drunk drivers will often drive much more aggressively than other motorists because alcohol can be a stimulant for some. This could mean that they are impatient and get too close to the car in front of them. They may also end up tailgating because they cannot judge distance when under the influence.

Problems Braking

Police will say that the telltale sign of a drunk driver is when they stop either too soon or too late. Either the driver is overcompensating because they know they are impaired, or their reflexes have been largely eliminated by the effects of alcohol or drugs.

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