Sleep Disorders Lead to Truck Driver Fatigue

Sleep Disorders Lead to Truck Driver Fatigue

Sleep Disorders Lead to Truck Driver Fatigue

Trucking is already difficult for drivers’ sleep rhythms. Many try to do their driving at night to take advantage of lesser traffic. While they must follow federal rest regulations, it does not always ensure the sleep that operators need to stay rested. Fatigue is already an issue for many drivers. When a driver has a sleep disorder, it worsens their fatigue.

Drivers must take ten hours off after driving no more than 11 out of 14 hours. They must spend at least seven of these hours in the sleeper berth of their truck. Presumably, they would be sleeping, so they are well-rested at the start of the next shift. When drivers have difficulty sleeping or get bad sleep, they will start the next shift tired.

Drowsy Driving Can Be Fatal

The sleep disorder means that they are at risk of driving drowsy or falling asleep behind the wheel. Tired drivers may try to caffeinate themselves with energy drinks, making them too alert and harming their reflexes. The key for the driver is to get the sleep that they need, but it is often not possible with a sleep disorder.

One way for a driver to combat a sleep disorder is to try to keep a more regular driving schedule. When drivers sleep at regular times, it makes it easier to get rest. The problem is that the trucking industry is not necessarily sleep-friendly, incentivizing operators to drive at odd times. This is not an excuse when a fatigued truck driver is negligent and causes an accident.

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