The Dangers of Road Rage

The Dangers of Road Rage

The Dangers of Road Rage

We all run late once in a while, and it can be easy to get impatient on the roads, especially if there is traffic. However, some people allow their emotions to take over while they are behind the wheel, and it can result in dangerous driving behaviors that put others at risk.

Aggressive driving is dangerous, but even aggression can escalate into even more harmful behavior, which is referred to as road rage. Road rage is conduct that intentionally interferes with another person’s ability to drive safely, and it commonly causes crashes and injuries. The following are some examples of road raging behavior:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Chasing down other cars
  • Making threats or displaying weapons
  • Intentionally bumping or hitting other vehicles
  • Running cars off the road
  • Cutting off drivers or slamming on brakes
  • Following drivers off the highway or into parking lots to continue the confrontation

All of these behaviors can cause a road raging driver to hit other cars, but it can also create significant distractions for other drivers, who might lose control and crash themselves. Road rage often results in serious injuries or death.

Liability for Crashes and Injuries

If you believe you were the target of road rage, it is important to call 911 as soon as possible, whether an accident happened or not. If you did suffer injuries in a road rage crash, the police can cite or arrest the driver for traffic violations or criminal offenses. This can help you hold the road rager responsible for your losses.

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