The Dangers of Speeding

The Dangers of Speeding

The Dangers of Speeding

Speeding endangers others on the road, which is clear when you learn that speeding claimed 9,378 lives in 2018 alone. Yes, we live in a busy society where most people live in the fast lane, and everyone seems to be rushing to achieve their goals. But the need to be in a constant hurry should not put others at risk. This is why the government sets speed limits to benefit every motorist.

It’s also worth noting that speeding has been involved in a significant amount of all vehicle deaths – in 2018 alone, speeding caused 26% of all traffic deaths. If a speeding driver hurts you, learn how an experienced Beverly Hills car accident lawyer can help you with your car accident case.

Speeding Affects Car Crash Severity

Speeding can increase a crash’s severity by causing a greater impact, which can inflict more severe injuries to motorists and more damage to the vehicle. In many cases, crashes that involve a speeding driver result in greater destruction than crashes at slower speeds.

It Increases Crashing Risk

A speeding vehicle is more likely to crash than one driving slowly. Speeding increases accident there chances because:

  • A speeding vehicle needs a faster reaction time from the driver.
  • A faster-moving car needs a longer braking distance.
  • A speeding driver is more likely to lose control of their vehicle.

It Has Serious Economic Damages

Speeding has massive economic damages, with motor crashes costing the U.S. over $1 trillion annually. This loss includes $277 billion in actual cost and some $594 billion resulting from avoidable deaths and other life-incapacitating injuries. Many of these accidents stemmed from speeding drivers.

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