The Financial Impact of a Tragic Loss in the Family

The Financial Impact of a Tragic Loss in the Family

The Financial Impact of a Tragic Loss in the Family

About 173,000 people die each year due to accidental and unexpected injuries in the United States. These sudden deaths affect families in many ways, including causing emotional grief and financial stress. Some of these fatalities happen because someone else was negligent, which allows family members to seek justice and compensation for their losses. A compassionate Beverly Hills wrongful death attorney can evaluate your rights and help you through the legal process.

Financial Stress Following Wrongful Death

If your family recently suffered a tragic loss, there are many ways this can impact your financial situation. On top of your emotional devastation, the last thing you need is to experience financial stress, as well. Some effects a sudden death might have include:

  • Losing the income support if the deceased individual worked and contributed financially to the household. This can be particularly concerning if the individual was the primary earner.
  • Needing to pay for household services that the deceased family member handled, which can include childcare, cleaning, yard work, and more.
  • Having to cover funeral and burial expenses.
  • Facing medical bills if your family member received treatment for their injuries before they passed away.

All of this can cause additional concern on top of your grief.

A wrongful death claim not only gives you a sense of justice for your loved one’s life, but also can provide financial compensation for your losses. While money can never replace a close family member, it can help you move forward without the financial burden of your tragic loss.

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