Tour Bus Accidents in Beverly Hills

Tour Bus Accidents in Beverly Hills

Tour Bus Accidents in Beverly Hills

Tour bus accidents are quite frequent in the Beverly Hills area, likely due to all the tourism the area gets. You can see many tour bus accidents in news reports – a lot of them involving an intoxicated or otherwise negligent bus driver. 

For example, in a recent year, a tour bus driver caused an accident that left eight people injured, and the driver was arrested for driving under the influence. This is just one example of a frequent occurrence with tour buses in the Beverly Hills area. 

The primary factors that seem to drive these frequent tour bus accidents in this area are intoxicated driving, distracted driving, or generally negligent driving by the bus driver. In some situations, the tour bus companies are not regulating the performance and conduct of their drivers as well as they should. These companies can also be held liable for the negligent and harmful acts of drivers.

Injuries and losses from tour bus accidents can be extensive – whether you were a passenger or a bus crashed into your car. If you are involved in a tour bus accident in the Beverly Hills area, you need the right attorney to represent your claim to get you all the compensation you deserve. Generally, with tour bus accidents, the party that would be liable is the tour bus company, but there might be other sources of liability. You will need a strong legal advocate by your side in order to handle negotiations with the necessary insurance providers.

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