Treatment After an Accidental Amputation

Treatment After an Accidental Amputation

Treatment After an Accidental Amputation

Amputation is the medical removal of a body part due to health reasons or the traumatic separation of a body part in an accident. Complete amputation involves the total removal of the affected body part, partial amputation removes much of the body part, but some of it remains on your body. In either situation, amputation can be extremely painful, traumatic, and life-altering.

Accidental amputations require emergency medical care and often ongoing treatment for years to come. Once your health is stable, learn how a Beverly Hills catastrophic injury attorney can help you if someone else was at fault for your injuries.

Amputation Complications

Just like all other medical issues, an amputation can develop complications requiring further treatment. Different factors determine the risk of an amputation developing complications. For instance, a patient’s age, overall health, and type of amputation influence risk potential.

Moreover, the risk is higher in an emergency or accidental amputation than in a planned surgical one. Some of the common complications arising from an amputation include:

  • Heart attacks
  • Deep vein blood clots
  • Slowed wound healing
  • Wound infection
  • Pneumonia

When such complications occur, a patient might need additional surgery to correct the problem or relieve their pain. A doctor may also recommend medication or counseling if a patient develops emotional pain or grief over their limb loss.

The healing process can be long. During this process, doctors may subject patients to physiotherapy that includes muscle stretching and control exercises. Other long-term rehabilitation processes include:

  • Programs for restoring a patient’s ability to perform daily duties and become independent
  • The use of artificial limbs and assistive devices
  • Emotional support that enables patients to overcome their grief over lost limbs and adjust to their new physical appearance

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