Types of Commercial Trucks that Can be in Accidents

Types of Commercial Trucks that Can be in Accidents

Types of Commercial Trucks that Can be in Accidents

In the last few decades, the commercial trucking industry has gained a bad reputation due to increased truck accident cases. The trend is concerning since estimates show that truck-related accidents could become America’s fifth-largest killer by 2030.

The above threat is real because large trucks:

  • Comprise 10% of all vehicles involved in deadly accidents;
  • Constitute 4% of all registered vehicles;
  • Account for 7% of total vehicle miles traveled.

But which types of trucks are most likely to cause road accidents? Read on to discover more and how a Beverly Hills truck accident lawyer can truck accident victims pursue their rightful claims for compensation.

Tow Trucks

Tow trucks might be smaller than some other commercial trucks, but they can still cause serious damage if they crash into other vehicles, especially if they have a heavy towing load.

Moving Trucks

Moving trucks come in many different sizes, but they pose accident risks because they have the same blind spot challenges the other trucks have. Further, people without commercial truck driving licenses and experience are often behind the wheels of moving trucks.


These large semi-trucks present a significant risk due to their size and weight. They have serious blind spots, making it difficult to see other vehicles around them. Also, their larger size slows their ability to stop to avoid a crash.


Tankers often carry hazardous contents like flammable gas and other toxic substances, which can spill or even explode in an accident.

Garbage Trucks

Garbage trucks not only cause accidents, but they tend to be in our own residential neighborhoods instead of on the highway, where most truck accidents happen.

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