What Burn Injuries Need Medical Treatment?

What Burn Injuries Need Medical Treatment?

What Burn Injuries Need Medical Treatment?

Burns occur when electricity, radiation, sunlight, heat, chemicals, or other hot liquids or surfaces damage skin tissue. Most burns are accidental, painful, and can cause infection if not treated well. Annual estimates show that half a million Americans seek medical attention for their accidental burns each year.

Burns come in different degrees, with each degree requiring suitable attention. Some burns require medical treatment, while others don’t. However, a doctor can determine a burn’s extent and prescribe appropriate treatment, and it never hurts to get a medical examination. Then, if you believe someone else caused your burns, find out how a Beverly Hills catastrophic injury attorney can help you with a possible injury claim.

Types of Burns

Burns come in three primary levels, depending on their severity. Your medical provider can determine this fact after examining your burns.

  • First-degree: Burns at this level are mild and only affect your skin’s top layer without blistering. However, they can cause temporary pain.
  • Second-degree: These burns affect your skin’s first and second layers. They cause pain, redness, inflammation, and blisters.
  • Third-degree: These burns affect all of your skin’s layers and possibly the tissue underneath. These burns can destroy nerve endings, making you unable to feel pain in the affected areas.

Treatments by Burn Type

  • First-degree: You can often treat these burns at home with first aid, though always see a doctor if there are any signs of infection or the burn is not healing.
  • Second-degree burns: Smaller second-degree burns might be treated at home, though should be carefully watched. Larger second-degree burns need professional attention.
  • Third-degree burns: These burns can be life-threatening and need emergency care. They can require intravenous fluids to stabilize a patient’s blood pressure and prevent shock and dehydration, infection control and professional cleaning, skin grafting to replace damaged tissues, and more.

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