What Injuries Can Cause Permanent Disabilities?

What Injuries Can Cause Permanent Disabilities?

What Injuries Can Cause Permanent Disabilities?

Annually, thousands of Americans suffer catastrophic injuries that leave them with permanent disabilities. In many cases, they are unable to work or engage in activities they enjoyed before their injury.Fortunately, the law allows you to enlist a Beverly Hills catastrophic injury attorney if another person’s negligence disabled you.

Injuries That Cause Permanent Disabilities 

There is a wide variety of injuries that can leave victims with disabilities. Some of the most common are discussed below.

Spinal Cord Injuries 

Spinal cord injuries have the potential to leave victims paralyzed. Motor accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, although falls and sporting accidents also cause them. Depending on the severity, a spinal cord injury can paralyze and permanently disable you.


Amputated arms, hands, feet, and legs also cause permanent disability. Amputations can occur when a person loses a body part in an accident or if a body part is so badly damaged that it needs to be removed. In many cases, victims are never able to resume activities that they enjoyed before their amputation and may require expensive prosthetic devices for the rest of their lives.

Brain Injuries

Head injuries can damage the brain. If these injuries are severe enough, they could cause other disabilities like difficulty communicating, problems making decisions, memory issues, and more.

Severe Burns

Severe burns also cause permanent disability. You could become disabled if you suffer severe third-degree burns with over 25% of your body being involved.


Blindness also causes permanent disability. Some injuries can produce total or partial blindness that makes one unable to continue with their career.

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