What Types of Accidents are Often Fatal?

What Types of Accidents are Often Fatal?

What Types of Accidents are Often Fatal?

All traffic accidents have the potential to be fatal, although some carry higher fatality risks than others. Below are four types of road accidents with the highest fatality rates. If you tragically lost a loved one in any type of crash, don’t hesitate to contact a Beverly Hills wrongful death attorney for help. The right lawyer can protect your rights and seek the justice and recovery you deserve following a wrongful death from a crash.

1.    Rollover Crashes

Rollover crashes usually involve high-profile vehicles, although smaller ones can also roll over. NHTSA data indicates that 85% of all rollover-related casualties result from single-vehicle accidents, and different factors can lead to these rollovers. For instance, speeding, making sharp turns, driving under the influence, and poor road conditions can cause vehicles to roll over.

2.    Multi-vehicle Accidents

A single-vehicle accident is serious enough to cause casualties, although matters often worsen when an accident involves more vehicles. When two or more vehicles collide or a chain reaction crash happens, impacts can come from many directions, and many different people are at risk of fatal injuries.

3.    Head-On Collisions

These accidents are some of the most dangerous because of the nature of the front-to-front impact between two vehicles and because, often, these crashes happen at high speeds.

4.    T-Bone Crashes

These accidents usually happen at road intersections or in parking lots. They account for about 25% of all passenger vehicle occupant fatalities. These accidents are so deadly because a vehicle’s sides are less protected than the back or front. Thus, an occupant is more likely to die from side-impact than from front or back-impact collisions.

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