When is it Time to Call a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

When is it Time to Call a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

When is it Time to Call a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

The family of any person who dies due to another’s negligence or wrongful act is likely entitled to compensation under California’s wrongful death statute.  Some examples of incidents that often give rise to a wrongful death case include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, incidents related to medical malpractice, bicycle accidents, workplace accidents, and serious slip and fall accidents.

So, who can team up with a Beverly Hills wrongful death attorney to seek justice? The following persons may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim in California:

  • The victim’s spouse.
  • The victim’s children.
  • The victim’s grandchildren.

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Timing is Everything

California’s statute of limitations with regard to wrongful death lawsuits is two years. This means that anyone wanting to bring a claim must file it within two years of the date they lost their loved one. That said, you should always bring your claim as soon as possible.

The Burden of Proof

In order to recover compensation, the party bringing the claim must show that:

  • The defendant owed the victim a legal duty of care.
  • The accused somehow failed to fulfill their legal duty of care.
  • The defendant’s breach of duty caused the death or the injuries that eventually killed the innocent victim.
  • The wrongful death caused the plaintiff and any other claimant some losses.

Wrongful death claims can be extremely complicated. For this reason, if you have lost a loved one in an accident or due to someone else’s intentional act, you should speak to an attorney immediately. Working with a lawyer is the best way to ensure that you are able to obtain any compensation you are due under California law.

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