Why Would the Insurance Company Deny Your Car Accident Claim?

Why Would the Insurance Company Deny Your Car Accident Claim?

Why Would the Insurance Company Deny Your Car Accident Claim?

After a car accident, people rightfully expect that the insurance company will treat them fairly and provide them with compensation for their accident-related losses. Unfortunately, all too often, victims have to fight for the compensation they deserve under California law when they should be focusing on their mental and physical recovery.

To understand why insurance companies deny claims and offer lowball settlements, it’s helpful to consider their business model. Fundamentally, insurance companies make money by collecting more in premiums than they pay out in claims. As a result, they do everything they can to deny claims or settle them for as little as possible. Some of the more common reasons insurance companies deny claims include:

  • Liability disputes
  • Lack of medical documentation
  • Categorizing your injuries as a pre-existing condition
  • Failure to get treatment right after an accident
  • The policy had lapsed due to non-payment

Importantly, a denial is not the end of the story. If the insurance company has denied your claim, you have the right to appeal and should retain a lawyer as soon as you can. In fact, retaining an attorney before you file a claim is a good way to make sure that your claim is treated fairly the first time around. A Beverly Hills car accident attorney familiar with representing car accident victims can file a claim on your behalf complete, with supporting documentation and a demand letter that spells out your losses and how much compensation you deserve under the law.

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